About Us

PDS is a Projects Management Company, specialising in the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to deliver specific project solutions through a combination of traditional and innovative project management processes. PDS provides Project Management services to a range of industries including Oil & Gas, HV, Mining & Minerals, Communications, IT and Utilities. PDS is an Australian based company with a wealth of experience nationally and internationally.

Our Services

Our company, Project Delivery Solutions (PDS) provides the following services and capabilities:
Project Management
We offer a wide range of project management services, including Interface Management, Proposal Management and Client Representation.
Completions & Commissioning
We specialize in completions and commissioning and deliver high quality services in those areas, including completions management.
Project Resourcing
Our all-inclusive project resourcing services are top of the line. We specialize in skilled resource management and office/site based personnel.

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PDS's CEO has over 15 years of experience in the fields of engineering and Project Management.
Chris Swanepoel
Chris Swanepoel